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Upon the Thursday 18th April 2013, betwixt the hours of 12 Noon and 10pm the good citizens of Colchester were invited into the presence of His Worshipfulness A Mayor (as envisaged by writer/performer Darren Gooding).

Residents of the municipality were encouraged to avail themselves of this rare opportunity to penetrate the Mayor’s Parlour and witness his Civic, Ceremonial and Representative functions in complete, uninhibited action.

The Mayoral Mace and full Borough Regalia were promised on public display, except in the event of cold weather, or judicial intervention. All those citizens resident within the Borough of Colchester deemed to be of sound mind and good character were invited to attend at their own risk, and for a fee of four glorious pounds in sterling…

“When the dust has finally settled on the town’s first comedy festival, I hope this show will be one of the things it’s remembered for… brilliantly performed by Darren himself…

“Let’s hope we see more of the “Mayor” at next year’s festival - I would vote for him.”

Neil D’Arcy-Jones Colchester Gazette 25.04.13


Civic Ceremonial I An Audience With A Mayor of Colchester