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Tina Gooding graduated from Colchester Institute with a Graduate Diploma in Music specialising in Composing and teaching.

Her composition tutors included Alan Bullard and Alan Parsons. Tina’s works include Sea Variations for string orchestra and her Spring song cycle. She studied flute and opera singing throughout her diploma and has sung in many local choirs. She regards herself as a composer rather than a performer and will only reluctantly perform in public!

'As I remember Thrigby' was her first full film score. She also composed and recorded the incidental music for Truelove Tours first straight stage production “The Cabinet of Leopold Thorn”  in addition to composing and performing the Title Theme and incidental music for I Hear Voices Theatre Company’s original series of “The Adventures of Bentley Strangetrousers”

Tina ended up scoring the incidental music for the whole “Leopold Thorn” cycle and for “Civic Ceremonial”

In 2017 she wrote both songs and accompanying music for “Illuminating Alice” (2017) and “Speaking Out and Fitting In!” (2019).

After graduating from Middlesex University with a BA Honours in Performance Arts, Darren won a scholarship to Mountview Theatre School. Since then he has acted on stage and screen and performed his writing in various locations; including London’s Cambridge Theatre, and at the Edinburgh Festival. He has also written sketches for BBC Radio. His early plays include: “Ghostwriter” (1990, Colchester Arts Centre), “Galilea” (1994, Soho Theatre Co. at the Unity Theatre, Liverpool), “Late Night Showing” (1995, Readings at Mercury Theatre, Colchester & Finborough Theatre, London), “Paint” (1997, Baron’s Court Theatre), “Consultants” (2000, Mercury Theatre, performed by The Mercury’s group DIS:PLAY), and “Manly Truelove’s Theatrical Anecdotes” (2001, Predictable Pig Theatre Co.).

In 2004 he founded Truelove Tours to continue the adventures of Manly Truelove in “Remembering Dame Hermione” (2004-2005).

Darren has appeared in various TV programs from “Jonathan Creek” to “The Basil Brush Show”. His eclectic selection of day jobs have included freelancing as an Arts Correspondent, bespoke tailoring and working in an independent bookshop. In 2009 he wrote and directed his first digital film: “As I Remember Thrigby”.

Writing “The Cabinet of Leopold Thorn” awakened in Darren a long dormant fascination with stage illusion, which subsequently led to him forming “Nothing Up Our Sleeves” in 2012 and start a side line working as a close up and cabaret magician.

He is a regular performer with I Hear Voices Theatre Company, where with co-founder Damien Bell he writes stage and podcast comedy adventures  “The Adventures of Bentley Strangetrousers” (2012),  “Greatermass” (2014), “A Terrible Case of Sherlock Holmes” (2017), “Space Wizards on the Brink” (2020) and “Poets Day” (2021)

From 2013 to 2016 Darren was commissioned to write and produced the opening events of Colchester Comedy Festival and the “Civic Ceremonial” series began; a surreal Odyssey in local government, featuring both live site-specific shows and short films.    

Darren has always been gender fluid and in 2017 he finally began bringing his femme side more to the fore and Alice d’Lumiere started taking over some of the writing and producing duties! Alice has written and performed two full length performance art pieces about the gender fluid experience; “Illuminating Alice” (2017) and “Speaking Out and Fitting In!” (2019) and is working on a third solo show for 2022. She also works as a Performance Poet, Cabaret Hostess and occasional Burlesque Dancer and has performed at some amazing venues, including Battersea Arts Centre, Norwich Arts Centre, Poplar Union and Cambridge Junction.

In 2021 they were accepted onto the Mercury Theatre’s “Mercury Creatives” programme.

The Staff Room Writer / Performer / Director - Darren Gooding / Alice d’Lumiere Composer / Photographer / DSM - Tina Gooding

Angelica Bangs is an active performer both as a Burlesque Dancer and as a Singer. She produces, choreographs and directs hour long Burlesque/ Cabaret shows for her Troupe; Burlesque Bangs Bombshells and headlines Corporate Events such as Secret Vintage Fair, & Bums in the Mud.  She also co-produced ‘The Frolics’ Murder Mystery Cabaret show in 2018.

Up to the age of 19 years old she attended the Local Music School (Colchester Institute) and trained as a Ballet Dancer with Madame Jefferies  (specialising in character work).

Angelica Bangs has been working as the Choreographer of the Burlesque Bangs Troupe since 2015. Angelica the Burlesque Dancer came into existence in 2010; born from countless dance classes, karaoke nights and cabaret shows. She is pleased to perform up and down the country at parties and events. Her specialities include ‘Sing and Fling’ (live or lipsync work) Group Dances and ‘Wheel & Peel’.

By 2015 Burlesque Bangs were headlining events and shows such as Secret Vintage Fair, Tankton, Bums in the Mud, Krumpet Klub, Colchester Pride. She has been privileged to work with some exceptional artists Sui Cidal lilly, Miss Whisky Twist, Faye au Lait, Holly High Heels, Alice d’Lumiere, Marquissa Darq, Minxy Matosis to name a few.

Angelica has been contributing to  Truelove Tours' shows since 2017; she is the Movement Director for "Illuminating Alice" and "Speaking Out and Fitting In!".

Choreographer - Angelica Bangs