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Colchester Gazette 29.05.13

“I was deeply impressed by the premiere of a one-man mystery drama, The Cabinet Of Leopold Thorn, written and acted by professional actor/writer Darren Gooding…

It's based on a real-life 19th century stage illusionist - about whom only a few intriguing facts are actually known - and it really does include some "magic" as well as a cracking good story with a variety of almost Dickensian characters (male and female) all of whom are portrayed by this talented actor. (No, I'm not his agent!)
I can honestly say that this is a gripping, intriguing, magical and superbly written and acted tour-de-force. Darren holds the audience in the palm of his hand. If I were pitching it to Hollywood I would probably say: ‘It's Sherlock Holmes-meets-Dickens-meets-Doctor Who’”

Liz Mullen - BFBS Radio

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