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As I Remember Thrigby:

“Unravelling the Enigma of the Greatest Stage Actor this Country Never Produced...”

Starring Mr. Manly S. Truelove.

East Anglia’s most notorious Actor, Critic and Raconteur Mr. Manly S. Truelove turns filmmaker; inviting you to attend a gala screening of his groundbreaking ‘documentary’: a unique personal Odyssey in which he struggles to unravel the stratospheric rise and subsequent Icarus-like fall of scandalous 1960’s matinee idol Sir Thrigby Tree-Frog.

Over a few tiny drinkies (well, quite a few to be honest) Manly takes us on a guided tour of Thrigby’s bizarre and often utterly unbelievable theatrical life: exploring how a man who once had the world at his feet found his career descending from fame into infamy and ultimately into obscurity.

Combining rare TV and cine footage carefully preserved in the Truelove film archive with ‘dramatic re-enactments’ of Thrigby’s life, Manly lovingly, meticulously (and naturally without any form of bias or self-aggrandisement) reconstructs his colleague’s baffling career in an attempt to finally expose the shadowy, malevolent force responsible for Thrigby’s ruination.

Manly comments:

“As befits the magnitude of the occasion I hope the audience will attend in formal dress. Nothing would be more pleasing to me than to be confronted with a sea of opera gloves, tiaras and bustles. Indeed some of the ladies may wish to be similarly attired...”

“As I Remember Thrigby” is currently available for screening in small to medium scale venues with digital projection facilities.

The film is available to screen purely as a Digital movie or can be booked as an multi-media ‘Gala Screening’ with ‘Manly’ in attendance.

Copies of the DVD are available for venue managers and other interested professionals.

To request DVDs and for full booking details, including  price and availability please contact us.