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Matthew attended Colchester Royal Grammar School, before qualifying in hotel management. He then became a Casualty Editor for Lloyd’s Marine Intelligence; all of this provided excellent grounding for film making!

Matthew has previously assisted with the Manly Truelove stage productions, and brought a number of fine qualities to this project, chief among them being enthusiasm, commitment and a driving license. He is also a qualified Electrician and PAT Tester.

Having worked with Manly Truelove, Matthew says that not much scares him any more.

He also turned his hand to producing live Foley sound effects for I Hear Voices Theatre Company productions.

Magic Advisor - Dean Allen Jones Technician - Matthew Orchard

Born in Swansea in South Wales, after leaving school He studied Chemistry and sub atomic particle theory as well as working as a bouncer, chef, double glazing salesman, mental health worker and gnome maker.

He co-produced the burlesque Fetish Prom at the 2010 Whitby Gothic Weekend for Green Light Red Promotions, then co-compered Lulu Sapphire’s Retro Burlesque at Colchester’s River Lodge, in the guise of dodgy spiv Paisley Kane. Since 2011 Dean began to turn his other great love; that of conjuring and stage illusion, into a career as a close up magician. In 2012 he co-founded magical collective “Nothing Up Our Sleeves” with D Gooding, Harvey Kennett and Steve Ward. In addition to working as a professional illusionist Dean was also the Magic Consultant on Truelove Tours’ “Leopold Thorn” stage productions.