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A Walking Tour of Britain’s Oldest Recorded Comedy Town with His Worshipfulness A Mayor of Colchester.

Upon the 12th and 15th days of October, in the year of Our Lord 2016 and in celebration of the Forth Colchester Comedy Festival, the good citizenry of North Essex were courteously requested to join His Worshipfulness A Mayor of Colchester on this unprecedented, unrivalled and largely unwarranted excursion into the comedic history of East Anglia’s most righteous, steadfast and unremittingly ludicrous town.

Ably assisted by grovelling Town Clerk; Mister Tymperleys, and the Grand Jape Master Respondent; Timothy St. John Mycroft Young, A Mayor did, with great pomp and in no reasonable circumstance, expose the vibrant cultural heart of Colchester and make tatty jokes about it.

There were shocking truths, shocking lies and shocking leg wear...

The Corporation of Colchester took no responsibility for the accuracy of any information imparted during the Tour, its impartiality, or its overall safety. Had any audience members unexpectedly died during the Tour, His Worshipfulness would assume the right of Civic Precedence with regards to the disposal of any monies found upon their still warm bodies...

Attendees were advised to bring stout walking underwear and a change of opinion.

Civic Ceremonial IV The Beating of the Bounds